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Adicot, Inc.'s online calculator converts kilowatts (kW), horsepower (HP), BTU/h, tons. Quickly and accurately convert units with just a few clicks. The calculator also offers a wide range of units, including kW, HP, BTU/h, tons, and more.

Adicot, Inc.'s online calculator is an efficient and effective solution for anyone looking to simplify the process of unit conversions. Whether you're working in the HVAC industry, engineering, or any other field that requires frequent unit conversions, our calculator can help you save time and improve accuracy. Try it out today and experience the benefits for yourself!


Enter the value of the unit to convert

  1. Select one of the following unit types:

    • Btu/hour​

    • foot pound-force/hour

    • horsepower

    • kilowatt

    • MBH

    • pound-foot/hour

    • ton (refrigeration)

    • watt

  2. The Results table will calculate and auto-populate all the conversions.

kW, HP, BTU Unit converter
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