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FILLABLE FORM R402-2022 Residential Building Thermal Envelope Approach

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Welcome to the 2020 Florida Energy Conservation Code's Fillable Form 402. Adicot's fillable form allows users to easily and quickly calculate compliance with Florida's Energy Code requirements. This form is based on the 7th Edition of the Florida Energy Conservation Code and includes the 2022 Supplement to the 7th Edition (2020) Florida Building Code. It is a fillable form, so users can quickly update and save their calculations for future reference. This form is invaluable for engineers, contractors, architects, and builders.


  1. Checklist Tab:

    • Check the boxes indicating which documents will be included with the submission of this form.

  2. Project Info Tab:

    • Enter the required project information: Project Name, Project Address, Project County, Owner, whether it is a Worst Case analysis, and the project's Conditioned Floor Area [square feet]. 

    • Enter any additional available information, including Builder, Permitting Office, Permit Number, and Jurisdiction Number. 

      Note: if the County options are shown as [Dymanic Dropdown]you must refresh the page.

  3. Insulation & Fenestration Tab:

    • Fill in all the applicable spaces of the “INSTALLED” row in the INSULATION AND FENESTRATION REQUIREMENTS BY COMPONENT table.

    • All “INSTALLED” values must be equal to or more efficient than the required levels. 

    • Note: the top left corner of the previous page, FORM R402-2020, shows the Climate Zone.

    • “AVG” indicates the allowed area-weighted average.

    • “LOWEST” indicates the lowest allowable R-value to be installed.

    • Only fill in values for building components that are being replaced. 

    • Enter "N/A" for any components not being replaced as part of this project's scope. 

    • Check the box indicating whether the project Passes or Fails the R-Valuation Method.

  4. Equip Requirements Tab:


    • Enter "N/A" for any equipment not being installed as part of this project's scope. 

    • Check the box indicating whether the Project Passes or Fails the Equipment Efficiency Criteria.

  5. Mandatory TabCheck appropriate boxes indicating which ones you will comply with.

  • Print All forms by selecting the Print All button at the top or bottom of the form.

  • Read, sign, and date the “Prepared By” certification statement at the bottom of this form.

  • The owner or owner’s agent must also sign and date the form.

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