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Picture Hanger Height Calculator

Introducing Adicot's Picture Hanger Height Calculator, the revolutionary tool that will transform your artwork hanging experience. Say goodbye to the guesswork and endless adjustments when it comes to displaying your cherished pieces. As featured on a Martha Stewart Living show in the early 2000s, this innovative method has stood the test of time and remains the go-to solution for achieving perfect picture placement. You can determine the ideal height for your artwork, ensuring impeccable alignment and optimal visual impact. Whether you're an art enthusiast, a professional decorator, or simply someone who appreciates a beautifully curated space, this tool is your secret weapon for transforming your walls into stunning galleries. Experience the precision and elegance that only Adicot's Picture Hanger Height Calculator can deliver, and make every artwork installation a masterpiece.


Artwork hung too high or too low can disrupt the space's design aesthetic. Martha Stewart, the homemaking goddess, suggests a foolproof method that the center of the art piece should be at eye level and that the most common eye level is 60 inches.  This easy-to-use calculator has you enter the height of the artwork, the distance between the top of the artwork and the hook, and the height you want the center of your artwork to be located (remember Martha Stewart suggests the center of the artwork should be at around 60 inches).  The calculator returns the height of where the hook should be located. 


Note that all measurements are in inches

  1. Enter the height of the art piece as inches and fraction of inches.

  2. Enter the distance between the hook's top and the artwork's top as inches and fraction of inches.

  3. Enter the height you want the center point of the art to be located as inches and fraction of inches.  As described in Martha Stewart Living, the optimal height for the center point of the artwork is 60 inches. You can use this recommended center of artwork height or choose your own height. 

  4. The hook height will appear in the Hook height results box.

There is a secondary calculator where you can enter the artwork's width, and the calculator will provide the centerline dimension and the artwork in thirds. 

Pictrue Height Hanger
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