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Mechanical Equipment Wind Pressure Calculator

Adicot, Inc.'s Mechanical Equipment Wind Pressure Calculator calculates lateral and uplift pressures on mechanical equipment installed on rooftops, wall-mounted equipment, or slab-mounted equipment. Our calculator utilizes the ASCE 7-16 Wind Pressure Methodology and Equations. Our calculator takes into account various parameters such as building height, exposure category, equipment location, and wind speed. Whether you are an engineer, architect, or contractor, our Mechanical Equipment Wind Pressure Calculator can help you determine the wind loads on equipment.


  1. Enter the equipment model number. This will be used for the results report.

  2. Select whether you are designing for rooftop equipment (y/n).
           If Yes:

    • Select whether the project is located in Florida (y/n).  In Florida, rooftop units installed on stands have minimum clearance requirements below the equipment for maintenance. 

    • Enter the clearance below the equipment or the equipment curb height [ft].

    • Enter the roof height [ft].

      If No: 

    • Select whether you are designing for wall-mounted equipment or slab-mounted equipment at grade.

  3. Enter the equipment dimensions, Length, Depth, and Height [in]

  4. Select the Risk Category 

  5. Enter the Ultimate Wind Velocity

  6. Enter the Exposure Category

  7. The lateral pressure and uplift pressure are shown in the table.  

  8. Click on the Results tab at the top of the calculator for a pdf printout of the results.

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