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Breakeven Calculator

Adicot, Inc.'s Breakeven Calculator is perfect for quickly and accurately determining the breakeven point of a project. It allows you to input your sales, variable costs, and fixed costs per period in order to calculate the breakeven point (number of units) and the profit period for the remaining units. With this calculator, you'll be able to make more informed decisions on your projects.


  1. Enter your Project Name in the Heading

  2. Enter the Sales per unit information: 

    1. Sales price per unit, and​

    2. Sales volume per period

  3. Enter the applicable per unit variable costs: 

    1. Commission​

    2. Direct material

    3. Shipping

    4. Supplies

    5. And any other variable costs

  4. Enter the fixed costs per period:

    1. Administrative Costs​

    2. Insurance

    3. Property tax

    4. Rent

    5. And any other fixed costs

  5. The Breakeven Point as number of units, and the Profit per period for the remaining units are calculated and displayed in the results boxes. 

Breakeven Calculator
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