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Psychrometric Chart 2-Condition Calculator

Adicot's Psychrometric Chart Calculator is a powerful technical tool designed to facilitate the calculation and analysis of various parameters associated with the thermodynamic properties of air. In addition to standard Psychrometric Calculations, our 2-Condition Calculator also calculates Total, Sensible, and Latent Cooling, Condensate Generated and Airflow Rate per Ton. With its user-friendly interface, this webpage allows users to input key parameters such as dry-bulb temperature, wet-bulb temperature, dewpoint temperature, relative humidity, and altitude. Based on these inputs, the calculator generates a range of essential results, including dew point temperature, enthalpy, humidity ratio, specific volume, atmospheric pressure, saturation vapor pressure, and partial vapor pressure. These results offer a detailed representation of the thermodynamic properties of moist air, enabling engineers to make informed decisions about HVAC system design, analyze the performance of existing systems, and effectively troubleshoot air conditioning issues. The practical applications of Adicot's Psychrometric Chart Calculator are vast. HVAC professionals can leverage its capabilities to optimize the design and efficiency of air conditioning systems, ensuring optimal comfort and energy consumption. Mechanical engineers can use the tool to analyze and fine-tune the performance of ventilation systems, ensuring the safety and well-being of occupants in various environments. By harnessing the power of Adicot's Psychrometric Chart Calculator, air conditioning professionals, and HVAC/mechanical engineers can access a wealth of information and make data-driven decisions. This invaluable resource empowers them to enhance their expertise, streamline their processes, and ultimately deliver high-quality solutions in the field of air conditioning and thermodynamics.


  1. Select Metric or US units

  2. Select the first input parameter:

    • Temperature,Dry Bulb, oF [oC]

    • Temperature,Dew Point, oF [oC]

  3. Enter the Entering and Exiting values for the first selected input parameter

  4. Select the second input parameter:

    • Temperature,Wet Bulb*, oF [oC]

    • Relative Humidity, %

  5. Enter the Entering and Exiting values for the second selected input parameter.

  6. Enter the air flow rate to calculate the Total, Sensible, and Latent Cooling, Condensate Generated, and Air Flow Rate per ton. 

  7. Enter the project's altitude. 

  8. Click the Calculate button.

  9. The results are shown in the Results table

Temperature, Wet Bulb, is only available as an input when the first input is Temperature,Dry Bulb



The following formulas are used in this calculator.  They have been adapted from the 2021 ASHRAE Handbook -Fundamentals. 


p = 14.696 (1-6.8754 x 10^(-6)Z)^5.2559

t = 59 - 0.00356620Z 

For 32oF < < 707.103oF:

p,ws = 145.03774 (2C / (-B + (B^2 - 4AC)^0.5))^4

See ASHRAE Handbook-Fundamentals for Coefficient Values, A, B, and C.

W = Mw / Mda

RH% = (p,w p,s)

v = 0.370486 (t,db + 459.67)(1 + 1.607858) / p

h = 0.240 t + W(1061 + 0.444t)

p,w = p x W / (0.621945 + )


h = specific enthalpy [Btu/lb,da]

p = barometric pressure [psia]

p,w = water vapor partial pressure [psia]

p,s = saturation water vapor pressure [psia]

p,ws = saturation pressure [psia]

t = temperature [oF]

T,d = dew point temperature [oF]

t,db = dry bulb temperature [oF]

t,wb = wet bulb temperature [oF]

= specific volume [ft^3/lb,da]

= humidity ratio [lb,w / lb,da]

= Altitude [ft]

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