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Circle Sphere Calculator


Review the methodology to ensure it aligns with your project's requirements.

  1. Select US or Metric Units

  2. Select Input type:

    • Diameter​ of a Circle or Sphere

    • Radius of a Circle of Sphere

    • Circumference of a Circle of Sphere

    • Area of a Circle

    • Volume of a Sphere

    • Area of a Sphere

  3. Enter Input value

  4. Select the units for the input value.

  5. Click the Calculate button

  6. The results are displayed in the Results table

Methodology, Equations and Examples:

Welcome to our Circle/Sphere Calculator! With our user-friendly tool, you can effortlessly find the area of a circle, the radius, the diameter, the circumference of a circle, and the area of a circle. Our Circle/Sphere  Calculator also allows you to calculate the volume of a sphere and the surface area of a sphere. 

This area of a Circle Calculator can easily Calculate the area of a circle, surface area of a sphere, volume of a sphere, circumference of a circle, radius of a circle, and diameter of a circle. Input any measurement, and our calculator will promptly provide you with the results of all other measurements, eliminating the need for manual calculations. 

The mathematical constant π (pi) is vital for circle calculations. It is the ratio of a circle's circumference to its diameter.  It is approximately equal to 3.14159. Our Circle Calculator employs this constant to ensure precise calculations.

Cir Dia Area Circumference

The radius is the distance between the center of a circle or sphere and any point on its circumference or surface. By determining the radius and diameter, you can find the circumference area and vice versa. Our Circle/Sphere calculator extends its capabilities to sphere calculations. If you have the volume or surface area of a sphere, our Circle/Sphere Calculator can swiftly calculate the radius and diameter. This feature is particularly useful for engineers, mathematicians, and students who work with three-dimensional shapes.

The Equations for the radius, diameter, circumference, area of a circle, volume of a sphere, and surface area of a sphere  are: 

Diameter = 2 x R

Area of a Circle = π x D^2 /4

Circumference = π x D

Volume of a Sphere = 4/3 xπ x R^3

Area of a Sphere = 4 xπ x R^2

where:     D= diameter

                R= radius

Example 1: A soccer ball has a volume of 5,575 cm^3.  Calculate the radius of the soccer ball.

Volume = 4/3 x π x R^3

Rearrange terms to solve for R: 

R = (3 x V / 4 / π )^(1/3)

Substitute given value for the Volume:

R = (3 x 5,575 cm^3 /4 / π ) = 10.9998 cm

Example 2: Find the surface area of the soccer ball from Example 1 

Surface Area of a Sphere  = 4 x π x R^2

Substitute calculated value for the radius, R, Example 1 (10.9998 cm):

A = 4 x π x (10.9998 cm)^2 = 1,520.48 cm^2

Circle Sphere
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