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Ohm's Law with Power Calculator

Adicot, Inc.'s Ohm's Law with Power Calculator is a versatile tool for calculating electrical parameters. This calculator efficiently determines Power, Voltage, Current, and Resistance using Ohm's Law, a fundamental principle in electrical engineering. Professions that benefit from this calculator include electrical engineers, technicians, electricians, and hobbyists working with electrical systems. It proves invaluable during circuit design, troubleshooting, and equipment maintenance. Electronics professionals find it helpful in designing and analyzing electronic devices and systems. Adicot, Inc.'s Ohm's Law with Power Calculator is a comprehensive and user-friendly tool. Calculating Power, Voltage, Current, and Resistance, aids in various applications, from circuit design to optimizing energy systems.


  1. Enter two input values: Voltage, Current, Resistance, and Power. 
    Entering more than two input values will cause the results to be unreliable. 

  2. Click the Calculate Button, and the results will appear in the Results table. 


I = V/R                      V = sqrt (PxR)

I = P/V                      V = P/I

I = SQRT (P/R)         V = IxR

P = VxI                        R = V/I

P = I^2R                    R = V^2/P

P = V^2/R                 R = P/I^2

Ohms Law
Image showing Ohms Law Equations
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